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OJT Training 2017
CAS-CBE Sportsfest 2016
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BS in Computer Science

The BS in Computer Science course prepares the students in the implementation and use of computing systems, study its architecture and its interactions of hardware and software. The students will be able to learn, develop and implement conceptual strategies for effective design and their applications. The discipline includes theoretical framework, fundamental algorithms, programming languages, operating systems, and software engineering techniques.


Objectives of the Program


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science curriculum shall have the following general objectives:

  1. To prepare the students the computer science theories and methodologies and mathematical concepts in modeling, adapting algorithms to design and develop advanced systems.
  2. To prepare the students for research works (Thesis) in the field of basic computing that requires analytical thinking skills.
  3. To develop among students good working habits and effective communication skills as individual and the ability to participate and collaborate as member of a team.
  4. To prepare the students with sufficient knowledge and skills in the theories of computing to pursue a career and/or jobs in the industry.
  5. To produce graduates who are prepared in areas of computing to address the rapid changes in technology as well as understand the professional, legal and/or ethical issues of career practice.

Enrollment Trends


Student Gender Distribution for 1st Semester, 2017-2018