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Computer Science Society

The BS in Computer Science course prepares the students in the implementation and use of computing systems, study its architecture and its interactions of hardware and software. The students will be able to learn, develop and implement conceptual strategies for effective design and their applications. The discipline includes theoretical framework, fundamental algorithms, programming languages, operating systems, and software engineering techniques.


ROUND SHAPE: It symbolizes foster unity and harmony with the spirit of true camaraderie among enthusiasts.

GOLD COLOR: It symbolizes dynamic and responsible leader, motivating student’s interest, uphold noble ideas to help raise the level of social consciousness and public awareness on issue and policies that affects the life of all the members. It also symbolizes actively participate to any activities in the university; render service, provided that such services should not be against the principle of the organization.

WHITE COLOR: It symbolizes the advocacy for transparency, truth, justice and fairness among members.

DARK GREEN COLOR: It symbolizes integrity and dedication to serve from among the members of the organization with the hope of building and sustaining a true and good image of the students.

CSS CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS. Click here to download:


Glenchester Mabuti
Position: President
Course: BSCS
Year: 3


No Accomplishment of this Organization to show

  • June 15,2015 - The election of CSS officers for the S.Y. 2015-2016 was done through a manual election held at the CAS201a. The election was organized by some of the out-going CSS officers who served as election committees during the said event and assisted by the CSS advisers.
  • June 27, 2015 - The CSS officers and advisers together with the FITS organization conducted a whole-day masswork to maintain the cleanliness of the ITLaboratories which is located at the library.
  • July 31, 2015 - The CSS officers and advisers joined the NCSSC-SO Mass Induction to be recognized by the University Student Organization held at the University Gymnasium. The officers and advisers wear their semi-formal attire  during the said event.
  • July 31, 2015 - The CSS Officers participated during the SO Night exhibit and displayed their own bulletin where it shows the accomplishments of the organization.
  • September 29, 2015 - The CSS participated in the celebration of the CAS Founding Anniversary spearheaded by the College Of Arts and Sciences-Supreme Council  (CASSC). The organization exhibited fun and enjoy activities such as the “Find Your Forever” game.
  • November 18-20, 2015 - Some CSS officers attended the 2015 Echo and Leadership Seminar with the theme “Bringing young leaders in the loop to promote sustainable quality leadership thru awareness and involvement ” sponsored by the NCSSC of NVSU, Bayombong Campus, Nueva Vizcaya.
  • February 10-12, 2015 - The CSS together with the FITS and their respective advisers organized their very own CSIT week where there were various activities (Cosplay  Competion, Speed Typing, Programming, Quiz Bee, PC Assembly, Digital Photo Editing, Digital Poster Making and Web Designing) .
  • The CSS officers with the Advisers developed the official website of the CSIT Online Alumni Hub to cater registration of CS and IT graduates, traced or tracked their whereabouts especially their employment status. (visit the Alumni Hub at

No Accomplishment of this Organization to show

No Accomplishment of this Organization to show

No Accomplishment of this Organization to show